Fresh from the easel

This is the latest piece finished, fresh from the easel. It’s hard to find a suitable name for this one, “Portrait” could not cover it… still thinking…

This precise portrait has been in my head for more than one year, I guess I was waiting for the perfect technique idea to come… I had this type of pose for a portrait in mind even for a longer time, I remember having done some sketches about ten years ago. It’s amazing how old ideas come back hunting me.

On another hand, I’ve also been wanting for quite some time to paint a portrait using raw colours, high contrasts, almost like a burnt film. And I must say, I was never fond of strong colors, nor in art or clothes or anything else.

These ideas, desires in painting, initially independent, finally came together and got tangled in this piece, which I am quite pleased in. On a deeper level, the warm and cold colors, the violent contrasts, the pose, the ’empty’ space ahead… it all fits!

Now for some technical stuff – oil paints on canvas – 50*80 cm. Of course the colors are quite distorted (middle-of-the-night, phone-photo kind of distortion) I will most probably replace the image with a shot taken in natural light.

Enjoy! 😉 Any feedback is highly appreciated!





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