My most recent posts were focused on portraits, so I will complete this with a brief presentation of my other representative portraits and their stories (every single one has a story).Delphic Sibyll

This is a tribute to Michelangelo’s  Delphic Sybil – graphite on paper, 2007 or so – little larger than a PostIt. I was in a stage where study was my main concern and I used all my free time, and there wasn’t much free time by then, to improve my drawing skills and sense of proportions (did this one at the office, on a break).


A portrait of a very beautiful girl I met in high school, Ana – A4 graphite on paper, done in 2005-2006. She was great in photography and I remember her as being very joyful and energetic.


Albert – A3 graphite on paper, 2007 – this counts for one of the most detailed portraits I’ve ever made (see how I actually worked on every bit of detail on his shirt and vest – insane!!!). He was (is!) the son of a former boss.


Tudor Arghezi – A4 graphite on paper, 2007 – he was and still is one of my favourite Romanian poets, a national equivalent to Charles Baudelaire.


Andrei – A3 graphite on paper, started in late 2008, finished in 2013 – another very detailed drawing I chose to leave ‘unfinished’ precisely due to the fact it might have been considered a photo (and that I could not bare!). He was – probably still is – a genius in maths and this one was named ‘A beautiful mind’.Seth

Seth (not his real name) – A3 ink on paper – this is the brother of a highschool colleague, I  especially appreciated the pose and of course, the guitar.

Untitled – aprox A3 markers and ink on wood panel.


Mixed media experiment – A3 watercolors and inks on wood panel.

It is obvious from my previous works that when it came to portraits, I was more inclined to graphics than painting, however this is about to change. I recently started using more colors and clearly prefer painting to graphics, so you will see more paintings from me in the future.

Which one do you like best?


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