In my darkest hours

If there is one good thing I learnt in therapy, that is how to express my darkest thoughts through my works and not let disappointment, furry, frustration (and others) turn me into a nuke.

I was tested today… as soon as arrived in the university studio, my laptop and projector somehow fell off the table and the gates of hell opened wide (the laptop is more affected). I tried to calm down, but I was so irritated, I could not even stand hearing my colleagues.

The still life we had to draw a study from did not appeal to me however, so I just stared blankly at my board for a while. At some point I realized my own body cast two shadows on the board and started doodling inside the shapes. I was soon disconnected from my dark, dark thoughts and even became satisfied with the final result.

Art is therapy! This is a self-portrait, by the way!

The most important lesson for me is that I realized I could (and each of us can) express negative emotions in a peaceful, harmless way. If you can find that something that takes over your mind and acts like a filter to everything you do, stick to it!



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