Self discovery

It’s been a while since I last posted here and I am generally way behind with posting my works online, but I hope to catch up soon enough.

This is one of the paintings I have prepared for my licence degree portfolio at Art Uni. It’s a 60*60 cm oils on canvas (as most of my recent works) and it depicts a very personal approach on how women today (including yours truly) perceive our own bodies. We are more and more concerned with others liking us and we often forget to love ourselves.

In a nutshell, this work is an invitation to self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love.



This is…


This counts for my smallest canvas oil painting so far (just 10*10 cm) and it was done with some leftovers from my palette. I am determined to minimize the material waste in my work.

I admit I am highly tempted in turning this into the beginning of a mini series… 😉

20160531_Nipple I - resize


Memento mori

Here is one of my first serious works at Uni, from my first year of study. I adored the simple and sober layout and working on this was very rewarding. I remember being very anxious to get home from the office and work on it, sometimes as little as half an hour…

This one is very dear to me… graphite on paper, 50*70 cm

Memento mori



Anatomy study – Human skull

This is part of a series of anatomy studies done in university, on one of my first year assignments. I had borrowed a real skull for a few months and was able to work on it from different angles.

I rendered the lower jaw in a distinct piece, along with an apple 🙂

Anatomy study - human skull

Lower jaw with apple

The paper I used has this natural old look from staying in my grandpa’s attic for quite a few years…


Anatomy study – Dog skull

This is a drawing I made in high-school, using pencils and coloured pencils. I have kept the ‘model’ ever since and will probably will use it furthermore, in other works.

Dog Skull