In my darkest hours

If there is one good thing I learnt in therapy, that is how to express my darkest thoughts through my works and not let disappointment, furry, frustration (and others) turn me into a nuke.

I was tested today… as soon as arrived in the university studio, my laptop and projector somehow fell off the table and the gates of hell opened wide (the laptop is more affected). I tried to calm down, but I was so irritated, I could not even stand hearing my colleagues.

The still life we had to draw a study from did not appeal to me however, so I just stared blankly at my board for a while. At some point I realized my own body cast two shadows on the board and started doodling inside the shapes. I was soon disconnected from my dark, dark thoughts and even became satisfied with the final result.

Art is therapy! This is a self-portrait, by the way!

The most important lesson for me is that I realized I could (and each of us can) express negative emotions in a peaceful, harmless way. If you can find that something that takes over your mind and acts like a filter to everything you do, stick to it!



Obsession for round compositions

There’s something growing inside me… new ideas, new concepts, new approach in art.

I have been obsessing over round compositions in the last year and I have finally managed to bring it all together and analyse it – where is this taking me? The circle makes me feel and think of completion, continuity, unity, protection, closure. And I really enjoy each and single one of these sensations. There are so many concepts that I believe I could ‘lock’ in a circle, that I can simply not find enough words for.

Here are a few of my approaches, very different ones, I will keep exploring this subject.




My most recent posts were focused on portraits, so I will complete this with a brief presentation of my other representative portraits and their stories (every single one has a story).Delphic Sibyll

This is a tribute to Michelangelo’s  Delphic Sybil – graphite on paper, 2007 or so – little larger than a PostIt. I was in a stage where study was my main concern and I used all my free time, and there wasn’t much free time by then, to improve my drawing skills and sense of proportions (did this one at the office, on a break).


A portrait of a very beautiful girl I met in high school, Ana – A4 graphite on paper, done in 2005-2006. She was great in photography and I remember her as being very joyful and energetic.


Albert – A3 graphite on paper, 2007 – this counts for one of the most detailed portraits I’ve ever made (see how I actually worked on every bit of detail on his shirt and vest – insane!!!). He was (is!) the son of a former boss.


Tudor Arghezi – A4 graphite on paper, 2007 – he was and still is one of my favourite Romanian poets, a national equivalent to Charles Baudelaire.


Andrei – A3 graphite on paper, started in late 2008, finished in 2013 – another very detailed drawing I chose to leave ‘unfinished’ precisely due to the fact it might have been considered a photo (and that I could not bare!). He was – probably still is – a genius in maths and this one was named ‘A beautiful mind’.Seth

Seth (not his real name) – A3 ink on paper – this is the brother of a highschool colleague, I  especially appreciated the pose and of course, the guitar.

Untitled – aprox A3 markers and ink on wood panel.


Mixed media experiment – A3 watercolors and inks on wood panel.

It is obvious from my previous works that when it came to portraits, I was more inclined to graphics than painting, however this is about to change. I recently started using more colors and clearly prefer painting to graphics, so you will see more paintings from me in the future.

Which one do you like best?



Although every work is a selfportrait (including portraits of others), as many other artists do, I had times when I drew/painted/glued together images of myself, in an attempt to capture certain moments, feelings or just stages of my artistic development.

Selfportrait - 01

This is my very first recognizable selfportrait (with graphite powder in isopropyl alcohol) done when I was about 18. I had short hair, only wore black clothes and was crazy about rock music (still am). The cross I am wearing in this portrait was one of my favorites (carved from a solid block of steel).


This minimal portrait is one of my favorites, reminding me of happy times, at the age of 19. It’s made with oil paints on a small sheet of plastic (from a large add sheet actually).


I made this one as a ‘mosaic’ experiment in my first year in Art Uni (2013) in an attempt to go back to happy and careless times. The technique was highly appreciated and I was lucky to have so many great people around me, who helped me with numerous old keyboards. About 1700 keys were seriously ‘harmed’ in the process.

This work has already been featured in three exhibitions, making me really proud.

Now that I have them all in one place, I realize there’s no color involved, I guess I was too focused on capturing the feeling, on freezing a moment rather than doing something really ‘artistic’.

More to follow, I am sure, since my works are becoming more and more personal.



Memento mori

Here is one of my first serious works at Uni, from my first year of study. I adored the simple and sober layout and working on this was very rewarding. I remember being very anxious to get home from the office and work on it, sometimes as little as half an hour…

This one is very dear to me… graphite on paper, 50*70 cm

Memento mori



Anatomy study – Human skull

This is part of a series of anatomy studies done in university, on one of my first year assignments. I had borrowed a real skull for a few months and was able to work on it from different angles.

I rendered the lower jaw in a distinct piece, along with an apple 🙂

Anatomy study - human skull

Lower jaw with apple

The paper I used has this natural old look from staying in my grandpa’s attic for quite a few years…


Anatomy study – Dog skull

This is a drawing I made in high-school, using pencils and coloured pencils. I have kept the ‘model’ ever since and will probably will use it furthermore, in other works.

Dog Skull