The seed of life

I have been working a lot lately, especially on my licence degree portfolio. As you probably already know, the main theme in my work is the beauty and complexity of the female body and spirit. I have planned all sorts of works, from the very explicit anatomy details to the almost abstract and symbolical.

I am quite pleased with how ideas and drawing/painting sessions are unwinding, it seems that for the first time I am able to focus on a single subject through many art pieces.

Every painting still has its own story, and today I am sharing this one with you. Few years ago I became friends with a neighbor. She was older than my mom, but young hearted and a real joy to be around. Her main concern was that I was overworked and underfed – she was an amazing cook by the way, always making sure to save me a plate!

However, health issues got to her last summer, but this most recent painting was somehow inspired by one of our ‘girls time’ moments, when we were making fun of one of her x-rays.

Therefore, I dedicate this work to her…


Old friends, new projects

Everyone has that type of friends, whom you don’t need to see or call often, but know for sure that if you do, it’s like no time has passed since you last spoke.

I have a few… and spent one of the most enjoyable and productive Saturdays with my friend Alex, catching up and painting T-shirts.



The hand-painted T-shirts are available on her Facebook page – click here for more – Uma Xaris. Make sure you pay her a visit, she’s got amazing home decor items on her online shop.