Self discovery

It’s been a while since I last posted here and I am generally way behind with posting my works online, but I hope to catch up soon enough.

This is one of the paintings I have prepared for my licence degree portfolio at Art Uni. It’s a 60*60 cm oils on canvas (as most of my recent works) and it depicts a very personal approach on how women today (including yours truly) perceive our own bodies. We are more and more concerned with others liking us and we often forget to love ourselves.

In a nutshell, this work is an invitation to self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-love.



The seed of life

I have been working a lot lately, especially on my licence degree portfolio. As you probably already know, the main theme in my work is the beauty and complexity of the female body and spirit. I have planned all sorts of works, from the very explicit anatomy details to the almost abstract and symbolical.

I am quite pleased with how ideas and drawing/painting sessions are unwinding, it seems that for the first time I am able to focus on a single subject through many art pieces.

Every painting still has its own story, and today I am sharing this one with you. Few years ago I became friends with a neighbor. She was older than my mom, but young hearted and a real joy to be around. Her main concern was that I was overworked and underfed – she was an amazing cook by the way, always making sure to save me a plate!

However, health issues got to her last summer, but this most recent painting was somehow inspired by one of our ‘girls time’ moments, when we were making fun of one of her x-rays.

Therefore, I dedicate this work to her…


Obsession for round compositions

There’s something growing inside me… new ideas, new concepts, new approach in art.

I have been obsessing over round compositions in the last year and I have finally managed to bring it all together and analyse it – where is this taking me? The circle makes me feel and think of completion, continuity, unity, protection, closure. And I really enjoy each and single one of these sensations. There are so many concepts that I believe I could ‘lock’ in a circle, that I can simply not find enough words for.

Here are a few of my approaches, very different ones, I will keep exploring this subject.



Full moon

The moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself. It might reflect inner knowledge, or the phases of one’s condition on earth, since it controls the tides, the rains, the waters, and the seasons. It is the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of night, and thus often represents the realm between the conscious and the unconscious.

In astrology, the moon is a symbol of the soul, and in the horoscope it determines the subject’s capacity for reflection and adaptation. It also provides analogy for the stages of human development: the new moon is infancy, the crescent is youth and adolescence, the full moon is maturity and pregnancy, and the waning moon represents the decline of life, sleep.’  source:

I just couldn’t have said it better!

This painting was driven by an inner need to reflect the bond I feel I have with the moon cycles and I have come to accept it in as a natural connection and take it all in. I have disrupted sleep cycles, insomnia episodes, but my most artistically productive periods also unwind during the night, so I stopped fighting it and trying to ‘fix’ it.

Lately I have noticed I have a clear attraction to round compositions in art, I somehow feel it’s the perfect expression of continuity, infinity, objectivity (the circle and sphere are always constant in regards to its core/center).

Well, if I had the gift of words, I would probably be able to better explain the feelings and emotions that contribute to the development of such works, but since I don’t, I will allow my paintings ‘speak’ on my behalf.

Full moon

Full moon – Oils on canvas 75*80 cm





Although every work is a selfportrait (including portraits of others), as many other artists do, I had times when I drew/painted/glued together images of myself, in an attempt to capture certain moments, feelings or just stages of my artistic development.

Selfportrait - 01

This is my very first recognizable selfportrait (with graphite powder in isopropyl alcohol) done when I was about 18. I had short hair, only wore black clothes and was crazy about rock music (still am). The cross I am wearing in this portrait was one of my favorites (carved from a solid block of steel).


This minimal portrait is one of my favorites, reminding me of happy times, at the age of 19. It’s made with oil paints on a small sheet of plastic (from a large add sheet actually).


I made this one as a ‘mosaic’ experiment in my first year in Art Uni (2013) in an attempt to go back to happy and careless times. The technique was highly appreciated and I was lucky to have so many great people around me, who helped me with numerous old keyboards. About 1700 keys were seriously ‘harmed’ in the process.

This work has already been featured in three exhibitions, making me really proud.

Now that I have them all in one place, I realize there’s no color involved, I guess I was too focused on capturing the feeling, on freezing a moment rather than doing something really ‘artistic’.

More to follow, I am sure, since my works are becoming more and more personal.



Fresh from the easel

This is the latest piece finished, fresh from the easel. It’s hard to find a suitable name for this one, “Portrait” could not cover it… still thinking…

This precise portrait has been in my head for more than one year, I guess I was waiting for the perfect technique idea to come… I had this type of pose for a portrait in mind even for a longer time, I remember having done some sketches about ten years ago. It’s amazing how old ideas come back hunting me.

On another hand, I’ve also been wanting for quite some time to paint a portrait using raw colours, high contrasts, almost like a burnt film. And I must say, I was never fond of strong colors, nor in art or clothes or anything else.

These ideas, desires in painting, initially independent, finally came together and got tangled in this piece, which I am quite pleased in. On a deeper level, the warm and cold colors, the violent contrasts, the pose, the ’empty’ space ahead… it all fits!

Now for some technical stuff – oil paints on canvas – 50*80 cm. Of course the colors are quite distorted (middle-of-the-night, phone-photo kind of distortion) I will most probably replace the image with a shot taken in natural light.

Enjoy! 😉 Any feedback is highly appreciated!





This is…


This counts for my smallest canvas oil painting so far (just 10*10 cm) and it was done with some leftovers from my palette. I am determined to minimize the material waste in my work.

I admit I am highly tempted in turning this into the beginning of a mini series… 😉

20160531_Nipple I - resize