Old and new

It’s amazing how old art connects with the new ideas and how everything I paint at a certain moment (and think I’m over with) seems to come back to me, after a considerable time… about four years this time.

Waiting for the layers of oils from my current series to dry, I thought I should start something new, just for fun. Since I have always wanted to paint a still life with a traditional Romanian blouse (I already had apples – for another painting, though), I thought this was a good time. I picked up an old board from the studio, one I had paper glued over, and got to work on it.

With no hesitation, I chose to paint the only apple that was not perfect (as you can see, this one has a mark on it, like a scar). This probably tells a lot about me, since in my previous painting I chose to paint the only pear that had a similar mark. This, along with the similar technique, would explain the feeling of familiarity I experienced from the first brushstrokes.

So here’s a sneak peek from the current work, along with the old one I feel it relates to.

red apple_resize